A mother was helping her children to cultivate the habit of personal devotion. Her three-year-daughter who could not read or write will often sit and listen to an audio bible story as part of her quiet time and after that the mother will ask “what did God say to you”. One day, her mother turned on the story of David and Goliath. After the quiet time, she asked her daughter, what did God say to you? She responded “as for Goliath, he did not have God, but David did. God can make little children do big things, so I know God can help me stop sucking my thumb”. Her mother was amazed at the insight of the little girl and the application of the insight by the little girl to her life.

Sometimes, adults think they have to explain the kingdom truths to children before they can grasp it. While this is true in some cases, we have to create opportunities for children to encounter God directly and hear Him speak to their context. It is possible to understand the scriptures from infancy (2 Tim 3:15). Thus, when children are given the opportunity, they can encounter God through His word.


Do you believe that a three-year-old can identity truths from the scripture and apply it their lives? It is important to know that God can speak through His word to even infants. Here are some action steps:

  • Identify resources you can use to help children encounter God through his word
  • Create opportunities for children to hear God speak His word into their situation.