Jesus Christ was manifested that he might destroy the works of the devil. In view of this, He openly declared that as far as he is in the world, He is the light of the world and whoever comes to Him will never walk in darkness. Jesus is in this assignment with all those who confess Him as Lord and Saviour. Darkness stands for sin, the devil and all evil works; and in contrast, light is used to portray God.

Precious one! The seed of God sown in you has all the potency to resist and ward off sin in you and around your surroundings. Light will always triumph over darkness and the divine fellowship we share with Christ has made us children of light to dispel darkness. Understand that, the only thing to distinguish between God’s children and the devil’s children is about doing the right thing at the right time and at all times with the right attitude(1Jn 3:10). Righteousness must be practiced. This is how the Bible enjoins us to do.

The Lord Jesus who lives in us, when He was embarking on his earthly ministry did not only love righteousness, but he hated evil and iniquities (Hebrews 1:9), and so must we do. As we try to espouse the kingdom values and principles, we must also have the inner energy, courage and be guided by wisdom to deal with the ills and the evil deeds of our society today and more especially where we find ourselves.