Vision is the driving force for accomplishing great feats. It defines your purpose and gives you the reason you have to defy all the odds in order to fulfill the assignment God has given you.

In today’s reading, Joshua is one of such leaders who had a compelling vision. One which caused him to forge ahead and to lead the children of Israel to possess the land the Lord had promised to give to them.

The Jordan River could not intimidate him either the foreign nations who had occupied the very land the Lord was giving to them. His aim was to finish the unfinished task of leading the Israelites unto the land of promise – a land flowing with milk and honey (Joshua 1:1, 2).


Trust in the Lord who created, called, and entrusted you a worthy course. Do not give up on that vision you see concerning your future, wondering how it is going to happen or how am I going to get there or do it. Focus on God and work hard.

Challenges in life are part of the process and they are meant to urge you on so you could become that refined precious mineral who shall be a blessing to many. Therefore, ask God to give you a compelling vision and remember to seek His face as you take the necessary steps to ensure its reality.