When you pass your WASSCE and gain admission to your preferred university to read the programme of your choice … you become happy.

When your father gets you the latest model of iPhone … you become happy.

As a lady when your parents buy you that bag with a shoe to match that you asked for … you become happy.

When you get employed by your dream company … you become happy.

These and many more are the things that make us smile. We tend to feel contented and prosperous, and also experience a sense of well-being. Apostle James asks “if anyone is happy,” that fellow should sing songs of praise. He is drawing our attention to the fact that every good and perfect gift comes from God, so we need to have that realization, and thank God for all things we receive.

What you do when you are happy is very important. I once engaged a young man to share the word of God with him. In the course of the interaction, he revealed that he had impregnated a lady and was due in a couple of months. Telling me how it happened, he said, “I passed an exam, so we were happy. Celebrating over a couple of drinks, we got drunk.

One thing led to another and she told me later that she was pregnant for me.”

Child of God, be careful how you celebrate your victories. Your expression of happiness should be pointed at God because every good thing we have comes from Him.