Apostle Paul, in the above text, makes it very clear that governments derive their authority from God to promote good and not evil. Again, he further encourages Christians to appreciate the fact that the one in authority is God’s servant for our good. Paul understood the need for Christian participation in government and the role of government in the work of God’s kingdom on earth. Good government can serve as a conduit for the furtherance of the gospel.

Second, a good government creates a conducive environment for stability and growth and for people to live in peace, whereas a bad government fosters tension, unrest and instability. Third, whenever godly people are involved in the governance of any nation, then the legitimate institution of government will legitimately be used. However, if Christians see politics as a” dirty game” and sit unconcerned, then the legitimate institution of government will be used illegitimately throughout to ruin the fortunes of our nation. Christians must reassert their influence and be part of the decision-making process to promote good and restrain evil. As in Babylon, the prophet recognized that the secular government served a legitimate purpose in God’s plan for Israel. This is still true today.

Good governments promote literacy, advance just laws, provide religious liberty and allow churches to preach and teach. Christians must see politics as an opportunity to get involved in government and work through civil authority for the advancement of justice and human good. William Wilberforce, a committed Christian, was the force behind the successful effort to abolish the slave trade in England. In the 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. stood against racial segregation and discrimination. Be an agent of transformation through politics.