Over the years, many perverted schools of thought, which are based on either logical reasoning or empirical research, keep flooding our world. Because of this, people have been influenced negatively and are sinking in the ocean of the perversity of this world. Some of these philosophical assertions were opined so many years ago, but they are still considered relevant today. The diversity in disciplines has also birthed many literatures.

Man’s quest to know the meaning of life and to have an object of worship (a deity) has also led to so many religions and sacred writings. Due to religious pluralism, people feed on any material they come across without filtering them with the Word of God. Syncretism, which is the blending of different systems of belief and which usually results in new teaching, belief system and worldview, is also on the rise. This means that both the secular or the profane and the sacred writings can influence people negatively or positively. They can draw man closer to God or vice versa. What then should the believer do amidst all these confusions?

The Word of God is the answer to all questions and the roadmap for believers to navigate their way through life on this earth. It contains all disciplines but it doesn’t contradict itself. Hence, it is the only infallible standard to measure all views, filter them, and ascertain whether they are wrong or right. It is the only food which contains the two-dimensional (physical and spiritual) nutrient for the holistic growth of the believer. In one of the statements of Jesus Christ, He said, “The words I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). This means the Word of God carries life and it has the power to augment the growth of every believer who feeds on it. To gain mastery and command in your field of study, you must learn more and avail yourself to be tutored as well. That should be the believer’s attitude towards the Word of God. We must intentionally study the Word of God and meditate on it day and night, and practice it by being obedient to God through the leadings of the Holy Spirit. It is in this light that we will all grow to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.