During the harvest season, Mr. Asante selects the best of his seeds for the next planting season. This helps him to continue farming in the next season. If he does not get such seeds, his farm dies out.

Israel would have been destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah if there were no remnants. We also see that the remnants were reserved by God Himself. Who is a remnant? A remnant simply means a survivor or a seed. We can liken a remnant to the seeds Mr. Asante specially reserves for the next planting season to help his farm survive.

When we say someone is a remnant, it means the person lives a life that pleases God and is different from the people of the world. That person has been specially selected by God for Himself. A remnant is someone who has survived the pressures of sinful life. Remnants are those who stay true to Jesus Christ even if everyone is going after the world.

In every generation, God prepares remnants who will stay true to Him and win others to Himself. The remnant is the hope of the world. In this generation, God is doing same. You must not be left out. If everybody is sinning, determine to be different; you must strive to live for Christ and Christ alone. You cannot disappoint God by joining the world to sin but rather draw those in the world to Christ.