In 2019, during ‘Accra for Christ Crusade’ organized by the Headquarters of the Church of Pentecost which was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube, a man from Saudi Arabia claimed he had accepted Jesus as his Saviour by watching the feed.

Over the years, we have received countless testimonies from people who claim to have received Jesus as Saviour and Lord through various Social media platforms or from people who claim to have experienced God’s miraculous power through social media.

This happens, mostly, when they follow live services of churches or watch short videos or write-ups from believers. From the Scripture reading today, we see that the Gospel has inherent power to save, no matter the location of the lost.

These testimonies are clear indications that ministry done on social media is no less a ministry compared to in-person ministry. It also bears witness to the fact that God is working and He works through social media alike.

Individual members of churches and church organizations should see social media as a place where God works, and we must strategically possess that space for Jesus.