This is the home of Eli, the Priest of God, who judged Israel for forty years. Per their tradition on succession, it was the children of Eli who were to take the place of their father, the Priest. However, the conducts and the behaviour of the children were not right in the sight of the Lord. They treated the Lord with contempt. They mismanaged the offerings from the congregants and they also slept with the ladies who worked in the temple courts. This practice disqualified them and God had to take them away from the positions they were occupying
as Priests in the Temple of God.

At a time when the children of Eli were busily committing all manner of sins and indiscipline in the house of God, Samuel led a righteous life. Samuel led a more disciplined and godly life. He was more committed to the things of God. It is possible Samuel saw the misconduct of the two young men, (Hophni and Phinehas) but Samuel did not learn their indiscipline. We are living in a time when young people are committing all manner of deviant practices. From the practice of homosexuality, bet syndrome, and all kinds of wrongs that are committed by young people all over the place.

As Hophni and Phinehas were involved in all manner of wrongs, Samuel remained focused on his responsibility of opening the doors of the temple (I Samuel 3:15), and also being loyal to his responsibility. God is in need of prepared vessels he could use to bring his purposes to pass among his people. However, God will not use just any vessel, but prepared vessels. Samuel was a prepared vessel. Are you a prepared vessel? Can God count on you to bring His plans and aspirations to bear among His people?