God put man in the beautiful Garden of Eden and commanded him to work and keep it. Although Adam didn’t lack anything in the garden, God gave him work, which is ‘farming”. Farming is the oldest and greatest profession given to humankind. The patriarch, Abraham, was a farmer and was very rich in livestock, silver, and gold (Genesis 13:2). Isaac, the son of Abraham, was also a very hardworking farmer. He went to stay in Gerar among the Philistines. There was a famine in the land, so he decided to go to Egypt and stay there. In his quest to move to Egypt, God appeared to him and told him to stay in Gerar, for he was going to bless him and make him great.

Because he obeyed the voice of God and stayed in the land and farmed, he became exceedingly wealthy and had great flocks and herds. Aside from your major income source, it is advisable to venture into several other income generating activities, which will help you acquire extra income. Farming is a neglected area which young people can explore. Look for other opportunities in your community and nation and the Lord will bless the works of your hands.