I remember one day my kids came to me and asked, ‘mummy how do you know the things you know about us?’ What prompted this kind of question? Simple, there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries. Our family quiet time has afforded my husband and me a very beautiful opportunity to know and understand the varying emotions and thoughts of our wards. There are a lot of things that our wards battle with but are sometimes not comfortable enough to share with us. However, because God loves His children, He makes their hearts naked to you the parent and gives you the wisdom to handle them.

At one time, God said the kids were struggling to live the Christian standards because they saw the direct opposite happening when they engaged in the world of their education. So, after our quiet time, I just told them what God said and to my surprise, their voices went in unison, ‘mummy please it’s true oo’. Then I assured them of the love God has for them and that He cares so much for them and sees what they are going through. I made them aware that even we adults also go through such challenges and that it’s a continuous battle as long as we live here on earth.

There have been times when, after our quiet time, one individual of the family has openly confessed to sin or an offence and we all pray for forgiveness and restoration for such. The Holy Spirit convicts them to fall in line willingly.