Taking over our settings for Christ is giving our entire life (work, academics, finances family, etc.) to His supervision, His authority, thus living a God-dependent life. When we are able to live a God[1]dependent life, God causes our shines which leads to transformation, whether it being in our lives or the people around us. Looking at the story of Joseph, you will realize that he was a man who was faithful and was shining for God even in the midst of his family, in the house of Potiphar and in prison. This made him to maintain his integrity as well. Because of his faithfulness and dependency, he obtained grace from the Lord. When he found himself in the house of Potiphar, his master even recognized this grace and the presence of God in his life and made him in charge of his entire house.

This grace and the presence of the Lord that he was carrying led to the blessings of the entire house of Potiphar. That was a great transformation. When we live a God-dependent life; we should know that our future rest in the hands of the Lord. (Psalm 75:6-7) From our reading in Genesis, you will find that Joseph remained dependent on God, and he never lost his way in the midst of difficulties. We should be able to keep our God-given vision alive, serve others wholeheartedly, and remain totally dependent on God. This is because, we have a vision that has not yet been fulfilled and God is going to use us to save our families and the nations of our world.