Giving is a doctrine that cannot be over-emphasized. Even in the natural, our system gives out in the form of human excreta through our anal organ, so we can continually eat. Giving is essential. Our lesson today from the lives of some business and financial giants is on giving. Many of the giants are noted for their philanthropy.

Abraham was a chronic giver. In Genesis 14:18, Melchizedek, the king of Salem and a priest of the Most High God, encountered and blessed Abram. Abram gave him a tenth of everything he had. God and Abram made a vow not long after in Chapter 15, where more and bigger promises from God were involved. Abraham did not know he was entertaining angels who confirmed the birth of Isaac when he showed hospitality towards the three strangers who were passing by.

Inasmuch as these giants rode on the principle that business is business and that money is the blood of business, they lived and live by giving to support many in society. One notable example is the life of David Green (founder/owner of Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.), of whom it is said that since 2012, David Green has sponsored the YouVersion Bible app for mobile phones. He was quoted saying; “If you have anything or if I have anything, it’s because it’s been given to us by our Creator, so I have learned to say, ‘Look, this is yours, God. It’s all yours. I’m going to give it to you.’” In Ghana, it is worthy of note the giving lifestyle of men like Dr Siaw Agyapong of Jospong Group of companies, Dr Amo Tobbin of Tobbinco Group of companies, Nana K Gyasi amongst many others who, through their benevolence, have blessed the lives of many.

Beloved of God, what are you withholding from God today? Could it be your offerings, giving to the needy or to Kingdom projects? We must trust God by giving and let’s see his hands move over our business and finances as others would also be blessed.