Our God is a God of progression. He is not a one-way God. He changes his methods and ways as we walk in constant fellowship with Him. A Christian lady shared her testimony- she said during one of her daily devotions in the early days of marriage, God promised her “I will give you a child and a secured job at the same time if you will only give me your attention.” To her it was good news alright but how was God going to do this when God knows that logically and practically when serving probation, you cannot be pregnant. Well for her the second part of the promise was her priority, so all efforts in her human ability was put into attaining the second part of the prophecy. By the grace of God, she received her appointment letter in the maternity ward a day after she was delivered of her first child. Hallelujah! God gave her both which rarely happens.

The cripple at the beautiful gate thought by giving his attention to Peter and John he would receive money. However, as he gave them his attention, he lost sight of his predicament and faith rose up from within him. He therefore received far more than his expectations. Giving God your attention means rising above your immediate and familiar environment of sight to a more unknown environment of faith.