Fruitfulness has been God’s desire for man right from creation. God, after creating man, ‘blessed them’ and said, “be fruitful and multiply”. By blessing them, God put into mankind all that was needed to be fruitful. This fruitfulness did not only mean that they should procreate but also to increase in every facet of their lives. The fall of man was the devil’s plan to truncate this plan, but God restored it through His son, Jesus Christ. This is a great investment that God has made in man. God is profit oriented! He desires to reap from the seed He has sown in man and profit from every investment He has made in man. We cannot afford to let God run at a loss.

The Encarta Dictionary defines fruitfulness as bearing much fruit, being prolific, and producing useful results or benefits among others. Bearing fruit is the only way we can exhibit what has been deposited in us. We are, therefore, admonished to reproduce our kind, that is making disciples, and this must be done prolifically. We are also expected to live godly lives that will be beneficial to others, the church and society at large. This week we shall explore the topic of Fruitful Christian Living.