We deduce from John 15:8 that God’s desire and expectation is for Christians to be fruitful. He is glorified when we bear fruit that remains. When we exhibit godly character and behaviour as Christians, our Lord becomes honoured. This shows the evidence of the power of the gospel of His grace which has the ability to overcome the evil propensities of the heart.

Fruitful Christian living is also a sign of true discipleship. It glorifies God and makes Him proud for His impactful investments He made in man, which is to bear much fruit. Therefore, as Christians we are admonished not to merely honour God with our lips but devote our lives to His service.

In Matthew 5:16, we are admonished to let our light shine in all the earth. The motive is not just to be seen by men but that our heavenly Father may be glorified. It is not right to do things merely to be seen by others, for that is pride and ostentation but we are to do it so that God may be honoured.