Forgiveness is the very nature of God. It is something we all need and wish to receive but, in most cases, are not willing to give. Forgiveness is to stop blaming or being angry with someone for something that person has done, or refuse to punish them for something.

God’s dominant attitude had been that of forgiveness since the dawn of time. This is exemplified in the Garden of Eden when man first sinned. He was angry, yes, and very disappointed with man. In his justice, he acted to right the wrong committed, yet he demonstrated mercy – he covered their nakedness and found a way to get reconnected to man. The history of the people of Israel, for instance, was fraught with a cycle of sinning and forgiveness. The people will sin, and God will withdraw in his anger which led to difficult times and frustrations. Then they will cry to God, and he will come to their rescue, forgiving them. They will then live in peace only to allow the life of ease to lead them back into sin and pain again. They will cry again to God for help. And he will come running as the loving Father that he was, to their rescue.

Let us examine what the prophet says about God’s nature of forgiveness:

  1. He pardons iniquity
  2. He forgives transgression
  3. He does not stay angry for ever
  4. He delights to show mercy
  5. He renews his compassion with his people
  6. He will tread our iniquities underfoot
  7. He will cast our sins into the depths of the sea

Reflect on Psalm 103:1

How do you feel today? How have you experienced the forgiveness of God in your life lately? Praise him and give him thanks and live like a forgiven child of God