Fashion is dynamic as it changes from time to time. A new design of clothing, hairstyle, jewellery, or footwear may be worn by a celebrity or will be in the system and all of a sudden everybody is wearing it. You will see it all over, people wearing it to feel accepted, confident and to impress others. The beauty of fashion is that it is considered a form of art and a way in which we can express ourselves.

We live in a fast-paced world, where fashion trends can only last so long before they are considered out of date only to be replaced again by others, like a never-ending cycle; in all these, our Christian values should have an influence over these fashion trends so that we are not influenced by them. Are you dressing for God or for the world? Do you find yourself chasing after the latest fashion trend? As a young modern Christian, you have to know how you will approach fashion trends and also maintain modesty that is pleasing to God.

You have to ask yourself these questions when you want to follow fashion trends or in choosing your clothes and fashion accessories:

● Would I wear this to church?

● Is it sending the wrong message to those who will see me?
● Is there too much skin exposed?
● Is it too tight or body hugging?
● Do I really need it?

As a young Christian, your dressing must not be influenced by trends but by the godly virtue that is in you. Your clothing should make you feel confident while enhancing your beauty. However, we need to maintain the modest and pleasing appearance God desires. The fashion industry designs and sells clothing, hair and other accessories based on worldly influences, and you must be on guard not to fall into the trap of choosing your clothes or accessories based on trying to make a false impression or on outward expression that is not in line with our walk with Christ.