Fashion sense is the knowledge of dressing appropriately, fashionably and stylishly. Having a great fashion sense makes you look very modern, decent and not looking odd at occasions. Simply put, fashion sense gives you a sense of style. It doesn’t mean that you have to get the best, the latest, or the most expensive clothes on the market. What it means is that you make use of what you have and touch it with the right accessory to make you very comfortable and confident when you step out.

As a young Christian, you should know the occasion, event or program you are attending and dress appropriately for it. It does not also mean you should sew or get a new cloth for each occasion but rather get something from your closet that suits the occasion so that you will look presentable and not feel too odd. That is why in acquiring new clothes, you don’t have to just buy, but buy or acquire it with a purpose. If you have the means, get a few clothes for various events and occasions and use them accordingly. Sometimes, some people also have the tendency of wearing their clothes together without any distinction.

Fashion is a huge term in the modern world. It encompasses style, comfort and trend at the same time. Everybody wants to look fashionable these days. But the problem is that fashion varies with age, geographical boundaries, race and culture. What is fashionable to someone may be out of the world for another.

If one wears a dinner dress to a funeral, that will be fashion nonsense and it will make the person look odd. Similarly, a person who wears a party or wedding dress in a corporate environment will definitely feel uncomfortable. There are a lot of choices to make to have a great sense of style, but you have to look at some of the factors raised earlier so that you will feel very comfortable when you step out.