Faith is another foundational doctrine which every believer must know and have for a fruitful daily walk with the Lord. The word faith can be defined as a complete trust or confidence in God. It is essential because even our salvation which begins our walk with the Lord is through faith (referred to as the saving faith); just as our continuous walk with Him in this world is also by faith. The Bible further says we can only please God through faith.

The writer of Hebrews helps us to understand faith by describing faith as the assurance of things hoped for, and the conviction of things not seen’ Heb. 11:1 (RSV). He further tells us that the fathers of old were commended by God in their walk with Him because of their faith. Faith towards God must make us believe in who the Bible says God is, so as to treat Him accordingly. It must progressively bring us closer to God; with an understanding of Him to a point where even if it cost us, we would not be disappointed in Him. The “Even If” level of faith is the highest level every Christian must aspire to be; to have a stay and an anchor for our souls in the midst of the changing scenes of life.


The above passage tells us that, for their faith some were even tortured, others faced trials, mocking and scourging. Others were sawn into two and wandered away in sheep’s and goats’ skins and the list continues…. Many Christians today, desire to live only in the present and now; with no faith into the future and eternity. This therefore makes them fall away from the least bite of temptations and trials because they lack the ‘Even If’ faith.