The call of Abram started as a voice he heard that asked him to leave his home, friends, family and travel to a new land where he would be shown. Abram without seeing this God who called him obeyed and set out on his journey – an act of faith. Abram left everything and followed a voice. When Abram was faced with the problem of famine in the land God promised to him, it was his faith that made him stay on course. Abram obeyed God all the way till he died. He never once disobeyed God even when what God requested of him did not make sense humanly. Although Abram demonstrated his faith and obedience through actions, it was his unflinching faith in God, not his actions, which made him right with God (Romans 4:1-5).

The call of God always begins with a voice carrying a message from above. God, from time to time, calls people, especially unto salvation and hope. Do you have faith enough to risk everything like Abram and obey God to do anything He asks of you? A right relationship is based on faith – heartfelt inner confidence that God is who He says He is and does what He says He will do. Right actions (like regular church attendance, prayer and good deeds) will follow naturally as a product of faith and obedience to God. We need to respond to the call of God with faith and obey Him without any doubt to do everything He says till the end. Then we can be assured to have everything God has promised us just like Abram.