This prophecy which says ‘behold I am doing a new thing’, wants us to forget the former things and former ways. When we talk about former things, two things come into the picture; the Good and the Bad. The good can be:

  1. God’s miraculous power you may have enjoyed!
  2. Privileges, opportunities and favour that came your way in the previous year.
  3. What God used you to achieve.

The bad moments can refer to the failures and disappointments that came your way as a result of your family background, geographical location or through some sins and mistakes you did.

Both the good and bad have a way of blocking your vision from seeing the new thing that God wants to do in your life. While the good memories can make you complacent, the bad memories can equally make you get disappointed and frustrated from achieving your future aspirations. The antidote, therefore, is what Paul prescribes in Philippians 3:13 that we should forget the things (good and bad) behind and rather reach forth to what is ahead.

What things are trying to slow you down or completely block your vision of reaching higher heights. Give thanks for the successes and failures you have experienced but equally set new targets and keep your eyes on what lies ahead