When we talk about Christ being all sufficient, we mean having Christ is enough for every purpose under the sun. If the Christian understands that Christ is enough, it will produce contentment and prevent many from killing, maiming, and destroying, all in the name of riches. Paul Proclaimed Christ to “every man” and his goal was to present every man complete in Christ. The work of Christ is applicable to every man! The work of Christ is not limited and his gospel “the hope of glory” is for every man. Again, all wisdom and Understanding are available in the gospel of Christ. Christ’s word lacks nothing. The Christian will have to take advantage of this grace and excel in every subject he or she studies in school.

Moreover, all things are under the authority of Christ, Colossians 2:10. He is the Head of all power and authority, this should make the Christian be at peace because nothing can come near you without his permission. He is the head of the Church, this means we are his body, being his body the same life in the head flows through the body; we have the very life of God running through us and overcomes sickness. May you claim your healing according to God’s word in Jesus’ name! Settle your life in the fact that, Our Jesus can meet your every need, he is sufficient in all things and flows into all things.