People are enlisted in the army of Jesus Christ from different backgrounds. They come with different ideologies and beliefs.  For them to serve well in this new environment, they have to be taught the doctrine of the army of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the teaching ministry of the COP is critical to equipping the Church as an army.

 To transform their spheres, members must be taught the values and principles of the Kingdom of God, which are contrary to the values which the world has inculcated in them.

The mountain of the LORD’s temple can be likened to the church in the New Testament. Zion, at one time in history in the Old  Testament, meant a physical dwelling. In the New Testament, it is likened to the Church. Isaiah mentioned that the mountain of the LORD’s temple; the church as an institution will be the most important place where people will stream to worship. They will be taught His ways so that they may walk in His paths. The Church Zion is the pillar and foundation of the truth. That is why the law will go out from the Church; Zion. Jesus, the head of the Church, is the truth, and His word is truth.  This should inform those who teach at various levels in the church to prayerfully prepare adequately so that members of the Church can be equipped.