EXPOSITION: Armed Forces are well structured to ensure effective command, control and mission accomplishment. As soon as soldiers pass out from training, they are grouped into a body system, comprising ten or fifteen people known as the squad. In like manner, the church groups members into a body system made up of people not more than fifteen at the local level known as the Bible Study groups. These are discipleship groups where members are intentionally equipped with the values and principles of the Kingdom through a systematic study of the Bible, mentoring, visitations, prayers, among others. Today, we shall discuss how we can effectively and efficiently use Bible Study group as an equipping body to unleash members to possess the nations.

Jethro observed that Moses alone stood to judge the people and to help them deal with their various problems. The elders did not seem to play a role, and all the people were just standing around the whole day waiting on Moses to guide them. As a result, most of the needs of the people were not met, and everyone, including Moses was worn out. Jethro advised Moses to divide the people into smaller groups and appoint trustworthy men with good character to judge the people. Similarly, in the local church, organising the members into Bible Study Groups becomes a necessity for discipleship.

The group is not just a place for learning scripture but a centre for transformation through activities such as teaching, fellowship, life-on-life relationships, modelling of Christ-likeness, accountability, and leadership development. The Bible Studies are preferably held on every Sunday (excluding the Communion Sunday) after worship. As much as possible, it must be made compulsory for all church members, officers, leaders, ministers and their wives.

The studies must be properly arranged, controlled, supervised, monitored and managed as directed. Through the preparatory classes, Bible Study leaders must be prepared adequately to handle the lessons to have the needed impact. The Bible Study leaders must also provide pastoral care to all members in their groups.