EXPOSITION: As in the army, The Church of Pentecost has gender-based and age-related ministries to equip the members on specific issues that relate to the group. One of the ways of equipping the Church is by getting each member actively involved in ministry activities. The more involved a person becomes in the ministry work, the more important the Church becomes in their life. A church which offers people opportunities to be involved in ministry activities would be more successful in winning and retaining converts than those which do not.

If the church does not effectively use her members, she will lose them. In this vein, there are diverse interdependent ministries in the church. There is no place for independence among members of the body of Christ. Since there should be diversity of function in the body of Christ, there are different ministries and groups in the Church for the equipping of the saints.

Paul likened the church to the human body which has many parts. The various human parts complement the work of one another. To survive, a body must have diversity. There must also be diversity of functions in the body of Christ. God has appointed several functions in the Church for the equipping of the saints. Each function is crucial to the operation of the body of Christ. Currently, the Church of Pentecost works through the Children’s Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Pentecost Men’s Ministry (PEMEM) and the Youth Ministry.

Others are the ministry interventions introduced in the Vision 2023, which include the Home and Urban Missions (HUM), Chieftaincy, Schools Outreach and Ministry to Persons with Disabilities (MPWDs). Ministry meetings should not just be activity-based but intentional towards equipping members into maturity. Finally, we should develop the positive attitude of considering all ministries as equally important in our collective efforts to possess nations for Christ. To do otherwise is to engender the tendency to bring division among the body of Christ. We must be guided by the fact that the success or failure of one ministry impacts all others.