“Water, water everywhere, not any drop to drink.” What you just read are but a few lines from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The Mariner was surrounded by water from the ocean but could not drink it because of its salinity and pollution.

This is similar to the experience of Moses and Israel when they were returning from captivity in Egypt. They got to a desert and after three days, they could not get water to drink. After the third day, the only source of water they found was very bitter and they were unable to drink it until God intervened. They were no water in the desert because water bodies are normally protected by trees.

Now, humanity is gradually turning dense forests which serve as protection for water bodies into deserts. Atiwa forest which serves as a source of rivers and supplies water to millions of people has been sold to Chinese to mine Bauxite. And soon, due to human activities, all our forest and arable land would be turned into deserts. Soon there would be water everywhere but not a single drop for human beings and animals to drink.