Peter though an Apostle of Christ stilled had a physical sword in his clothes which became his defensive weapon when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus.

However, a few minutes after the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Apostle Peter was transformed and equipped with the sword of the Spirit in his mouth. He stood up with the eleven with him and released the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God from his lips.

The Bible says that about three thousand people rushed out and said “what shall we do,” because the sword of the Spirit from Peter cut their hearts. The message from Peter was a complete testimony of Jesus Christ beginning with the prophetic insights David saw and had about Him. This same Peter earlier in the garden of Gethsemane drew a physical sword that could only cut one ear of a servant.

Every physical sword that a Christian carries is limited to one ‘servant’ but a spiritual sword in the form of the word of God can cut the hearts of ‘3000 souls’ to receive Christ.

As nation possessors we must be sure to drop all our physical swords of insults, backbiting, slandering and secret sins within us as we lay hold of the spiritual sword which has the capacity to harvest souls for their transformation.