Fashion is a lifestyle and your outward appearance may describe the kind of person you are. What you wear speaks volumes about you. A Christian must dress in a manner that reveals or manifests God and in a manner that does not make a brother or a sister sin. You are the light of the world, so you must show the way by dressing in a manner that makes worldly people glorify your Father in heaven. Christian brothers and sisters dress in a manner that reveals the light to the world.

The world is pushing for nudity to be the norm, and for humans to expose the temple of God in an ungodly manner. It is pushing for a manner of dressing that exposes private body parts that must remain private, pushing that God’s temple is used as an advertising board. Satan has his own type of clothing and fashion and Christians must be able to discern this. Before you buy, sew or put on a cloth, look at what it represents.

See to it that you are not showing your sensitive body parts. Dresses with deep cleavages that are going to expose your breasts must be avoided. Your breasts are not for public display so they must be covered
all the time. You can look stylish or fashionable without showing your breasts. Now you see a lot of fashionable dresses, sometimes wedding or bridesmaid dresses intentionally designed to expose one’s breasts. As a Christian, you must do everything you can to avoid them.

Again, you see ladies with very long dresses but with very high slits exposing their thighs. That is nudity in disguise. The slit should not expose your thigh, which is to be covered and not to be put on display. It may be nice, yes; it may be trending, yes; but that is not for us as Christians. Mini-skirts should be avoided entirely except indoors and with your husband who has the right to see your thighs. Your inner wear (pants, bras, under knicker, boxer shorts, singlet, etc.) should not be exposed as they are to be worn under the main dress, shirt or trousers.

To the young ladies, please ensure that your panty lines and waist beads are hidden when you wear certain fabrics. A true Christian walks according to God’s standards, not according to his or her own standards or those of the world.