It is about time Christians stopped thinking church and start possessing the nations for Christ. The spirit behind this clarion call among other things is to simply move the church from the four walls of the building to the hinterlands and the ghettos.

Leadership of The Church of Pentecost believes that the real duty of the church is outside the building and therefore likened the gathering of the saints in the building to footballers receiving instructions from the coach in half time.

Obviously, the pulpit from which Peter preached to the gathering after they had come to see the miracle that had happened to the lame man was outside the temple at least the main auditorium. Peter did not ask them to come into the temple before ministering to them the gospel but rather seized the opportunity to do church outside the church building.


The church becomes more glorious when it is more visible outside the church building. A glorious church that possesses the nations is one that carries the church activities beyond the building. Her members become the real mobile building for Jesus and carry Him to do church anywhere and everywhere.

May the Lord be gracious to us as we move into the streets and the ghettos doing church first with our lives and actions as well as our witness to people about the gospel of Jesus Christ in relation to repentance and forgiveness in His name!