The body of Christ, the church, is made up of various gifts. From the memory verse, Apostle Paul was telling young Timothy to put to work the gift of God that was in him and was bestowed upon him when the body of leaders placed their hands on him. Indeed, God wants all young persons to be actively involved in the church’s agenda. Young persons are not second fiddle when it comes to playing various roles in the church. We need to give our all to the service of our master.

Young David was a guitarist. He knew how to play the guitar. He loved playing it to the glory of God. Young David was privileged to come before King Saul in the palace when King Saul needed somebody who could play the guitar for him. As young people, God has deposited talents and gifts in us. God expects us to use these talents and gifts in our local churches for the general good of the church. Young people should not come to church and be warming the benches. There are a lot of things we can do at the local church.

As young people, we can assist in some responsibilities such as sweeping the church halls, cleaning of chairs, and scrubbing the church halls and other responsibilities. We can also put to use those talents we have. Some include the playing of drums, guitars, keyboards, etc. Some young people feel reluctant to put their talents to use in the local church. Again, some young people also think they should be paid for services rendered to the church. It must be highlighted that these gifts were given to us by God. Therefore, God expects us to put them to His use. If leadership in their wisdom decides to give us some form of motivation, that is fine. However, we should not demand monies from the church before we put our God-given talents to use in the local church.

SONG: Abere nyinaa me wura no hia me…