Sometimes when the LORD grants us victory or success in life, we look out for those who once oppressed us and repay them for the wrong done to us. Vengeance is not the way of Christ. The LORD expects us to share the blessings He gives us with others, whether they have been good to us or not. In the story of the 4 lepers, after they had chanced on the booty, they shared the good news with the people in the city who had cast them out of the city. They said to themselves, “We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news, and we remain silent. If we wait until morning light, some punishment will come upon us. Now, therefore, come, let us go and tell the King’s household” 2 Kings 7:9.

Marginalization breeds enmity between the one who is marginalizing and the one being marginalized. The one who carries the hurt most is the one who suffers the marginalization. However, in the case of the lepers, they thought well of the members in the city and shared the good news of abundance with them. For those of us who have been marginalized, may we share the news of God’s love with our fellows who keep on disrespecting and looking down on us based on ethnic, geographical, or religious lines. Let us teach them the lesson of love.

For those who might have suffered one form of marginalization or the other, do not build hatred, but show love and kindness to even those who have despised you. Do well to seek every opportunity to be good to them.