A lot of times, when you occupy a new position especially one that requires you to lead God’s people (a job that has been done so well by your predecessor), it would only be natural if there is a little self-doubt or fear here or there. God probably knew this and knew Joshua very well, hence His assurance to him in verse 6 and 7.

Joshua had been Moses’ aide-de-camp for several years. He had been close to him and experienced all that Moses had gone through. He just knew how tough it had been for Moses leading all these people. And now, here he is, entrusted with such a huge responsibility.

Joshua had a huge task to fill that huge void left by probably the greatest leader he had ever seen, his predecessor, Moses, and even complete his mission. The Lord’s assurance to Joshua had probably come at the right time; just when he needed to hear it.

Sometimes, we may feel that some responsibilities overwhelm us especially in the house of the Lord. How many times have we not given that excuse of, “I am not capable” and rejected some huge responsibilities because of fear? If only you would get closer to Him who has called you, you will realize that you are more than capable – “when God calls, He equips.” Just like every master would equip his apprentice for his work, so the Lord does to His servants.

Joshua’s new responsibility was big but his God; even bigger. Are you rejecting or shirking any responsibility due to fear? Probably, it is high time you depended on God.