The servant who was fearful and negligent, however, was swiftly reprimanded by his master, who called him “wicked, lazy, and worthless.” His talent was taken and given to the one with ten talents, and he himself was thrown out of his master’s presence. Implicit in these quotations is the message that each of us can and should do more to meet the Lord’s expectations of us.

As a young adult, you’ll make choices and form patterns that will have a major impact on who you will become. Your future happiness, personal righteousness, and relationship with the Lord will depend, to a large extent, on the habits you embrace and the choices and commitments you make over the next few years.

Draw inspiration from today’s devotional if you are still pursuing your formal education, and focus on completing your degree or vocational training no matter the intellectual or financial struggles you encounter along the way. If you have not had the opportunity for advanced education or have dropped out of school for various reasons, think carefully about where you are and remember that, education is a vital key to the door of opportunity.