Life provides us with time; meaning, when God gives you life, He has given you the mental capability to take charge of your destiny; and here, how you manage the resource of time cannot be taken for granted. 

There is perhaps no area in your life where self-discipline is more important than in the way you manage your time. Time management is a core discipline that largely determines the quality of your life. Time is perishable; it cannot be saved. It is irretrievable; once it is gone or wasted, you can never get it back.

In our Scripture reading, we are admonished to make the most of every opportunity. In other words, time being one of the greatest opportunities in life must not be toiled with, but rather managed efficiently towards the achievement of our life goals. It involves consciously buying up those moments which others seem to throw away; steadily improving every present moment, that you may derive the best in every given time.

The question for reflection this morning is: How efficient do you use your time?

In ensuring discipline in the use of our time, we must consciously and deliberately select the most valuable and important thing that we could be doing at any given time, and then disciplining ourselves to keep to them. It is important to note that, you require tremendous self-discipline to overcome the procrastination that holds most people back from great success. It is said that “procrastination is the thief of time.”

As Christians, we must be wise to know that time cannot be saved, for it can only be spent. Spend your time wisely to get the best out of life.