One day Mr. Leg said to Mr. Mouth, “Because you alone enjoy all the food, I will not walk again to serve you.” Mr. Mouth said, “Well Mr. Leg, sorry but I am not the one who enjoys the food. I rather do the hard work of grinding and mixing the food for Mr. Stomach.”

Mr. Stomach overheard them and jumped in, “Who said I enjoy the food? I am only operating the milling house for all of us. When I finish milling, I send my end product to Mr. Intestine who does the final separation. He absorbs the nutrients and supplies them to all the members of this body. That is hard work too, you know?”

At this, Mr. Leg bowed his head in shame and said, “I am sorry sirs. Now I understand that we are one yet different and our differences are for our own good.” This is what pertains to the body of Christ.

Apostle Paul reveals that because there is one Body (the Church), one Spirit, one Hope of our call, one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism, One God and Father for all believers, we need to be one. Thus, we need to be one because our source and destination are one. This must be the understanding of all believers.