The capacity to think, analyze and organize is uniquely human. Intellectual development refers to the growth in a person’s capacity to think, reason and conceptualize. Your intellectual development should be one of the key areas you should pay attention to as a Christian student.

In 1 Corinthians 13:11, the Apostle Paul marks the progress of his intellectual life. This progress, however, did not just come by chance or age. He was intentional in his approach to gaining knowledge. Likewise, as a young person, you must not leave your academic success and intellectual development to chance. There must be an intentional effort put into excelling intellectually.

You cannot be a holistic Christian student if you neglect your intellectual development. Whilst some might be intellectually gifted from birth, you can do even better if you pay more attention to this area of your life. You can begin by identifying which method of learning best suits you and developing a plan for your academic life. If you find it difficult to do this, you can always consult a tutor or any person with such experience to help you out. God is so interested in our intellectual development that he promises to liberally give you wisdom, should you ask of him (James 1:5). As a Christian, you should be an exemplary student, by being regular in attendance, attentive during lectures, handing up assignments on time, and faithful in revision.