One of the most important ingredients for solidifying one’s leadership potential is developing godly values and principles. This is one of the key features that characterize influential leaders.

In today’s reading, Daniel and his three other friends made it clear to Ashpenaz that they were not going to eat any food served from King Nebuchadnezzar’s table. They instead suggested respectfully to him to serve them with vegetables and water only for ten days after which he is to compare them with the others whether or not they are better nourished (Daniel 1:12). Surprisingly, after the period of testing, they looked more nourished and healthier than those who ate from the king’s table.

Similarly, Joseph, a slave boy who was presented with an opportunity to sleep with his master’s wife when no one was present in the house refused the offer because it is a sin against God. Though he ended up in prison, he eventually became an influential figure as far as the administration of Egypt was concerned. They stood for values worth imbibing.