A man used to change his cars very often. Each time he brings a new car home, he tells his children, “God gave us this car.” When they drive in town and he sees those who need cars but don’t have one, he tells his children “this family needs a car, let’s pray that God gives them a car.” With time, the children got the message that every good gift comes from God (James 1:17). One day, he told his children he wanted to sell the car. He led them to pray for someone to buy it quickly so that they could get a new car. Few days later, as they drove in town, one of the children said daddy, let’s donate this car to someone who really needs it, and let’s ask God for another car because God has always given us a car when we asked Him.”

Faith conversation involves daily interactions that help children place their faith in God, maintain it, as well as grow in that faith. In Ps. 78:1-7, we understand that if we engage our children, they will keep their trust in God and pass on their faith to the next generation. As Christian adults, we should engage children in faith conversations.


Will your daily interactions with children help them put their faith in God?

Look for every opportunity to engage children in such interactions that draw faith to God. Here are a few steps:

  • Identify daily opportunities to initiate faith conversations with children.
  • Ask children to tell you about their day in school, church, market, farm, play time, and find areas that God can be brought in to raise their faith in Him.