We live in a time where many young people are facing a lot of physical and spiritual challenges, a time where popular culture, the media, and academic philosophies are shaping the mindset of many young people. Many young people have their plates full of issues and challenges to deal with. Gambling, sexual immorality, occultism, materialism, social media addiction, peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, internet fraud, lack of employment opportunities, illiteracy, failure to succeed in the educational system, violence on the streets, rapid social changes, fear of the future, family Problems and exclusion of the youth from decision-making process that affect their lives etc.

As a Minister of God, I have found out that one of the biggest concerns of parents and young people today is the upsurge in false teachings and doctrines all around us especially on the social media space and in our educational institutions. Here are a few suggestions that we as young people must understand and apply in our life.

(1)      We must understand that God is the source of all truth and wisdom; Psalm 119:160 says “The sum of your word is truth and every one of your righteous rule endures forever”. Isaiah 65:16 tells us that God is the God of truth, the same is found in John 17:3. The world that we live in today bombards our youthful minds with half-truths, misleading news headlines, falsified studies and all types of strange teachings. They are hitting us at an alarming speed. We need to question what we learn from the world, especially teachings that contradict the Bible. We must develop more confidence in the gospel than in popular culture or academic philosophies.

(2)      We must examine social issues using God’s Word; we must look at specific real life issues from the perspective of God’s word, we must not fall for explanations that make sin look reasonable and justifiable. God’s truth is unchanging and we need to hold fast to the truth of God’s word and never compromise.