These Hebrew youths were faithful in their business with God and heaven took cognizance of them, they stood before kings not mere men because they stood out among their fellow countrymen, who were also captives in the land of Babylon. Their bold step opened the window of opportunity where God manifested His supreme authority over matter, space and time. Before you can take over, there is a place where separation from the multitude is required, the world as we know it is characterized with

the phrase “if you can’t beat them join them”. You and I will be the most miserable people on earth if we accept that.

In order to take over, first, you need to really understand why you are not yet standing out.

It could be because of:

1. Lost vision: We have forgotten our first love.

2. Compromise: We are still eager to always take the easy way out

3. Equally yoked with unbelievers: We are still holding fast unto the world.

4. Pursuit of illusions: We are still playing by the devil’s rule.

We need to come back to the word of God which is our compass, secondly, it needs to be fully adhered to without reservations. This is possible by determination, commitment and help from the Holy Spirit because His presence in your life will show forth His fruits (Gal 5:22-23) making you an exceptional individual, who is ready to take over towns, cities and countries for Christ. Today the devil strategically presents us with enticing illusions that gradually shifts our focus from the real target.

Nebuchadnezzar the king, willingly repeated the order just so the Hebrew youths would see an opportunity to rethink of saving themselves. Likewise, the devil would present a scene that makes us feel we have no other option than to give up. Why not take a stand, be different so that Christ would have a reason to manifest his power in your case.