Crisis is usually a stressful, and physically or emotionally exhausting moment in life. Everyone goes through some sort of suffering or challenging moments. You may face them in finances, occupation, relationships, family, marriage, church life, education, health etc. In the oldest book of the Bible, Job notes that man is born to trouble and given to adversity. This suggests that, the reality of trouble is a common occurrence that can happen to anyone (Job 5:7). God has planned out the details of your life and He uses these details in

making us more like His Son.

Included in His plan for your life are troubling times. He allows them come your way to sometimes prepare you for the journey ahead. As hard as you and I might try to avoid it, some of these difficult times are simply unavoidable! As we study the Scriptures, we encounter two important realities. First, we learn that like Joseph, some crises actually can be avoided by being biblical, righteous and circumspect. Second, we learn that like Job, no matter what you do or how you live, some crises are just simply going to hit you.

For many of us, the more we try to live right and avoid troubles, the more they seem to come our way. How do we respond to unexpected difficulties that come our way? What do we do when we are at our wits’ end’? (Psalm 107:27). What do we do when the ‘truth of the gospel’ is at stake? (Galatians 2:5). How do we respond to a ‘black day’ like losing a loved one? (Isaiah 37:3, MSG). These and many more will be discussed into details in the coming days.