The story in 2 Kings 7 mentions 4 leprous men who had been placed outside the city gate. They were not allowed into the city and had to stay there till they were cured before they would come in or die outside the gate. When great famine hit the land of Samaria they suffered the most because even those in the city had less to eat, how much more those outside the city. They were marginalized and accepted by that state. One day, when they decided to take a risk, they had lots of food, gold, and silver and informed the people in the city of the booty.

We must not crucify ourselves to poverty, discrimination, or pain because others have not treated us well or marginalized us. We must identify the gifts in us and use them effectively to better ourselves and others. The LORD made their feet like that of a great army. The Lord God is the one who makes life better and again gives excellent success to our little effort.

If you are being marginalized for any reason, do not be pinned down by people’s perceptions, but rise up and move forward. God will bless your effort and cause you to produce many more great things than you have even thought of. God does not discriminate, for He is a fair God. Rom 2:11, “For God does not show favouritism” (NIV). Therefore, break away from your shell of inferiority, weakness, pain, or seeming failures and take a step forward. God would reward your effort and grant you great success.