Ministry on social media as discussed earlier, is no different from other ministries. Because of this, there should be firmness in our character in being persistent and consistent. Jesus demonstrated this by saying that, “As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me…” (John 9:4). We can’t stop doing this God-given ministry.

Our ministry on social media should also stem out of sincerity, thus free from deceit. It shouldn’t be done for personal profits or with wrong motives because we know that God is watching us.

The content of our updates on social media should reflect what happens in reality. We shouldn’t be preaching what we don’t practice. Everything we also practice on social media should reflect the integrity of the things we preach or ought to preach.

People of God, social media has come to stay and we need to possess that space for the Kingdom of God. Let us with all sincerity, persistency and consistency do ministry the Jesus’ way.