Wow, you are doing well making time for your devotions, keep it up. Today, we want to discuss in detail one trait we handled yesterday and that is the trait two (2): CONCENTRATION. Do you remember what we said about this? How did you apply it? Share it with someone today. I hope you will? God Bless you in advance. Concentration is intense focus and great attentiveness. This is the ability that is needed to thread a needle; it requires one-pointed concentration. That is giving your all.

Let me relay this with a story. In my Training College days at the Presbyterian Training College (P.T.C) now Presbyterian College of Education (P.C.E), Akropong Akuapem, we used to do inter-hall competitions. It was fierce and entertaining at the same time. Members of my hall athletic team were exempted from hall duties so they could have enough time to train. Their concentration on regular training made them a toast of the College till one day, it was a 400-metre relay race, our hall trusted our team and our team trusted themselves.

However, at the end of the race, we had lost. Why did we lose? We lost because our team lost their concentration because of the attention they were receiving from their Hall members and other Hall members alike. Be careful of the attention you receive when you put your gift into operation. This happened to the Church in Galatia and so in our opening Scripture, Apostle Paul asked them “You ran well,Who hindered you from obeying the Truth?”.

The commonest enemy that fights against all athletes is DISTRACTION. This also affects all Christians as well. Once you are distracted, you are less effective. This distraction to the Christian could include but not limited to unforgiveness, sexual immorality, bitterness, and prayerlessness. To be more like Christ, which is the Christian goal, is to reduce distraction to the barest minimum. God trusts in you to concentrate on the Race and Partner with the Holy Spirit to be your best each day.