The verse 34 of our scripture reading today says, “When Jesus landed  and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them, because they were like sheep without a shepherd. So he began teaching them many things”. Exhibiting compassion is not only limited to giving out monetary gifts or feeding the hungry. From the scripture, it tells us that Jesus’ compassion led to teaching the people. Sometimes, having compassion means telling the truth to people in order to liberate them.

Compassion does not mean flattery or hiding the truth from people. True compassion leads to honest talk and revealing the truth out  of love. One perfect example is through evangelism. Jesus had compassion and realized the people were living in ignorance; “for lack of knowledge, people perish”. He, not wanting the people  to perish, gave them light through his Word. In like manner, our compassion should stir us to minister the gospel of Christ for its light  to shine upon the hearts of our sphere of contacts. This will lead to repentance and save them from eternal damnation.

Our compassion  should not be towards only that which will temporarily relieve others  but much more, that which will bring eternal relief.

Minister the gospel, preach the Word in and out of season, use the Word to teach, rebuke, correct, and train in truth and all righteousness.  Do not fold your arms and let ignorance deprive those you know of the life they deserve in Christ Jesus. As you take some time off to minister truth to someone, God will take lead.