A father told his son about how God spoke to him to specifically leave his work as University Lecturer to go into full-time pastoral ministry. As his son listens attentively, his father narrated the whole story of the call of God upon his life. The aim of the father is to help his 7-year-old boy understand his call.

After some days, the boy came to his father and said, “Daddy, so God called you on your phone, how did God get your phone number?” His father was amazed but disturbed about the question. This implies that the boy did not understand the calling of God as narrated and described by his father.

Talking to children in a way that they understand is critical in our effort to train them. The Bible indicates that if we do not communicate well for our audience to understand, they will not respond appropriately (1 Corinthians 14:7-9). This is true in all of our interactions, and more importantly in the training of children.


–           Use simple words and terms when communicating with children

–           Include concrete objects  and illustrations to enhance understanding

–           Ask children to tell or demonstrate or show you how they understood whatever you taught or shared with them.