An Ambassador is a representative of a country in another nation. Ambassadors live their lives in that country as though they were in their home country. Christians are Christ’s Ambassadors on earth. Christ must be represented wherever you find yourself. In 2 Corinthians 5:20a, “we are therefore Christ’s Ambassadors, as though God is making His  appeal through us …” In representing Christ, our real identity must be seen; we are the children of God.

The moment we accepted Christ, we became Christ’s representatives to the world. As members of God’s family, we must strive to live as Christ did so that others can clearly see our Christian identity. Every day presents us with new opportunities to represent Christ. We can share the gospel with co-workers, do a kind deed for a stranger, or send an encouraging note to a friend. By consistent godly living we can clearly represent Christ to the people around us.

Satan seeks to ruin our testimony and hide our godly identity. But as  children of God, we must never allow sin to conceal our Christianity.  Do people see Christ in you when they meet you? Being a Christian  is the greatest privilege of our lives, so let’s unashamedly represent Christ so others can clearly see our real identity.