Some youth indulge in smoking cigarettes, marijuana (also known as wee), heroin and cocaine sniffing with the notion of attaining academic excellence or becoming more energetic, especially those who are involved in manual work such as masonry. Artistry and music are professions that require imagination and innovation. These are falsely associated with the use of these substances.

A youth who professed to be a Christian and an apprentice to a mason was lured to smoke marijuana to enable him work efficiently. He became addicted and enjoyed the company of friends who were engrossed in its use. He later became psychotic (behaved strangely and believed in things that are not true) and it took the grace of God for him to be restored. The power of addiction, which arises with these substances, influences one to continuously increase the dose to attain the pleasant experience and soon dependence sets in, making it difficult for the individual to stop.

A health worker whose work was physically demanding got addicted to pethidine (a drug used as pain relief) and later her performance at work became poor and unable to pursue higher education. These drugs affect the brain, lungs, stomach, liver, heart, kidney and reproductive system, which are vital organs in the body. The effects of these substances are either chronic diseases or the risk of cancer. The cost of treatment and the debilitating state one may find himself or herself will not enable you to work and live fully the number of years God has purposed for you (Psalm 91: 16).