A youth got pregnant after actively participating in a programme on premarital sex in a youth class. She took some medications with the intention of getting rid of the pregnancy. She bled for a few days and thought she had been successful in terminating the pregnancy. A few weeks later, she began to experience severe abdominal pains and was rushed to the hospital. She denied being pregnant and was awaiting further investigations when she suddenly lost consciousness. Attempts to revive her failed and a post-mortem revealed ruptured ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy was outside the uterus and abortion will never be successful).

So many people have been victims of abortion and have been denied the opportunity of repentance and a second chance to live. Those who don’t die usually suffer infertility, ectopic pregnancy, chronic pelvic diseases, incompetent cervix, recurrent miscarriages, sexually transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS, infertility haemorrhage and perforation to the uterus, bladder or intestine (large). The psychological complications such as anxiety, depression and guilt cannot be overlooked. It takes two people to bring about pregnancy but the complications of abortion are directed at the woman. Pregnancy has been termed wanted or unwanted and the majority of unwanted pregnancies are terminated through abortion.

The Bible has indicated that children are gifts from God, whether they are out of wedlock or not. One cannot predict the number of children God has bestowed on him or her. It may be just a child and if you become a victim of this menace (abortion), regret will surely embrace you for life. Do consult your pastor, your parents or an elderly Christ- centred and spirit-filled believer or elder to guide you on what to do if you should get pregnant.